These sites post water research, reports, blogs, and other great water information.

Alliance for Water Efficiency a nationwide alliance that promotes the efficient and sustainable use of water. 

Ceres – An organization whose mission is to mobilize investor and business leadership to build a thriving, sustainable global economy.

Circle of Blue

Environmental Defense Fund

Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance

Our Desired Future

Groundwater Districts There are almost 100 GCDs in Texas. The Texas Water Development Board has a webpage with links to individual GCD websites. GCDs with good representative websites include:

River Authorities – the larger ones  

Hill Country Alliance

Mavens Notebook – a California water resource

Water Related Associations

Pacific Institute

Public Policy Institute of California

Resources For the Future

Save Our Springs Alliance

Sierra Club

Sustainable Waters: Solutions in Times of Scarcity – Sustainable Waters provides a global water education service by sharing accurate and up-to-date information about water scarcity, news of water shortages, and information and tools for solving water problems.

Texas Center for Policy Studies

Texas Living Waters

Texas Water Foundation (TWF)

  • The Goldwater Project – A water conservation project sponsored by TWF to equip regional, area, and local water planners with quantitative results of the effectiveness of their past and potential conservation efforts to meet crucial supply markers set out in the Texas State Water Plan -

StateImpact – a project of NPR member stations dedicated to examining how state policy and issues affect people and communities -  

Texas Tribune – Trib+Water

Texas Water Journal

Academic Institutions

These institutions support water science and policy research and have water-related websites.

Texas A&M – Texas Water Resources Institute 

Texas State University – The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment

University of Texas School of Architecture

University of Texas Jackson School of Geosciences – The school includes the University’s Department of Geological Sciences, one of the country’s oldest geoscience departments, and two world-renowned research units, the Institute for Geophysics and the Bureau of Economic Geology.

University of Texas Law School Energy Center – Research papers on Water Law 

University of Texas The Webber Energy Group

University of Texas Center for Research in Water Resources

The University of Arizona has number of divisions that address water issues.  Here is a link to one.

Local, State, & Federal Entities

These entities are involved in water resource management, regulation, distribution, and research. 

Texas County websites

International Boundary & Water Commission

International Monetary Fund

San Antonio Water System

Texas Municipal websites

The Railroad Commission of Texas

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Texas Legislature Legislative Reference Library: Water Resources Research Guide. Prepared by Nancy Watson. February 2014

Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS) 

Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board

Texas General Land Office – has some authorities over water quality

Texas Parks & Wildlife

Texas Water Development Board

Texas Water Digital Library

United Nations

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

U.S. Geological Survey – The USGS has good informational material and data

Water Conservation Advisory Council 

World Bank