Explore Texas Water Policy

Welcome to the new and improved Texas water policy resource website! This website has been in the works primarily as a way for a group of graduate students at the University of Texas at Austin to share thoughts and ideas on water policy issues. We migrated our previous blog to this site and have added--and will continue to add--some great additional content. 

Check out our previous blog posts for individual perspectives on various topics. We've also compiled an extensive list of water words, agencies, and acronyms relevant to Texas--most with links to explore each further. 

As a part of our initial interdisciplinary collaboration as a student group, we selected topics and assessed the current status of state policy concerning each topic. Check out our policy analyses on groundwater conservation districts, interstate and international water, municipal utility districts, groundwater and surface water, water and energy, and rivers, bays, and estuaries. In these assessments you can find general background information related to each topic. 

We hope that this website will provide you with all the information you need to have knowledge-based and well-rounded discussions about all things water in Texas. If you want news and updates, subscribe to our blog on the right hand side of this page underneath the category list. Thanks for visiting!